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Bringing affairs out of the shadows.

Traditionally, certainly in the United States, extramarital affairs are hidden away in the back of the closet. In the darkness. In the shadows. There are many reasons why we keep our affairs secret. Number one, we want to protect the people we love - our husbands and wives and children. But also, we want to protect ourselves. Affairs remain a dirty little secret. Affairs are the last undiscovered relationship territory to stay hidden away on the top shelf at the back of the closet behind the dusty old blankets and stacks of torn jackets. And we are with you on this. We are right there, stuffing ourselves and folding ourselves up as we attempt to hide from our friends and family. We carefully choose our restaurants and walking paths, quickly snatching our hands apart if we think there's even a remote chance we will run into someone we know. But the truth is, we don't like it. We wanna be out of the closet.

We have a favorite hotel bar where we go and they actually know us there (Cue Cheers Theme Song...). I have no idea whether they have picked up on our secret life together or if they even care, but it is so nice to just be able to ourselves with each other and not have to be on alert all the time. We want to be open like this all the time, and move our relationship - our love - if you will - away from the shadows and into the light of day. We want a Sunshine Affair.

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