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Sunshine's Disclaimer:


I'm a firm believer in Virginia Woolf's maxim that fiction "is likely to contain more truth than fact." Yes, we're gonna tell you our story, but like Woolf, we're taking the license of a novelist.  Our story is more than the details and facts; it's the amazing feelings of regret, guilt, anger, love, sadness, emptiness, fulfillment, happiness, laughter, and falling in love with each other -- and life again -- at ages 51 and 53, with some crazy twists and turns of the plot along the way.





While the feelings are real, the emotions are so so true, and the events have all happened, all characters and places are figments of our imaginations - or they are in large part - so please don't attempt to extrapolate more than they are. Any resemblance to anyone you think you may know, places you may have been, or events you may be reminded of is symbolic of the connection we all have with the human struggle to hold on as we ride the waves of our lives. Basically, you are us - Sunshine and John, aka Affair Ninjas. Your friends are our friends. Your children and parents are our children and parents.  Your husband is my husband.  Your wife is John's wife (and me - for that matter). And - if you're lucky enough - your lover is my lover. Don't think you don't know us. We are all on this journey together.  Hang on tight.

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